Diamonds in the Rough – Top 10 Most Rare Shoes

Diamonds in the Rough - Top 10 Most Rare Shoes

Shoes used to be such a simple possession. They were used to cushion our feet in rough terrain and protect our feet from inclement weather. Now, we see shoes as an important focal point of our personal fashion. They are a status symbol. They can be worth more than our vehicles.

Many things can make a pair of shoes expensive. It could be the brand name, the materials, the previous owner, but the most common cause of expensive shoes is their rarity. Shoe companies will pour resources into a specific shoe to make it attractive and ultra fashionable, but then the same company will do a limited release of the shoe to drive up prices. Below, we will take a look at the top 10 most rare shoes and their cost.

Eminem Air Jordan 4 Retro

1. Eminem Air Jordan 4 Retro

These cool blue sneakers with gray, black, and white accents are the rarest in the world. Only 50 pairs were made by Nike exclusively for friends and family of the celebrity rapper Eminem in celebration of his new album “Encore”. Surprisingly, one pair of them showed up for sale online with the price tag set at an astonishing $37,500.

Nike Air Mag "Back to the Future"

2. Nike Air Mag “Back to the Future”

These futuristic sneakers are like a look into the future. Inspired by the movie Back to the Future, these sneakers are a replica of the sneakers Marty McFly wore to activate his hoverboard. Nike did a limited release of 1500 pairs of these sneakers in 2015. They have adaptive lacing, LED lights on the heel, and sell for over $30,000.

Air Jordan 4 Eminem & Carhartt

3. Air Jordan 4 Eminem & Carhartt

Eminem and Nike collaborated once again in 2015 to create a stunning pair of black sneakers with white and chrome accents. Amidst all the buzz of the collaboration, 10 pairs were auctioned online resulting in a total profit of $227,552. Nicknamed the Slim Shady J’s, they sport Carhartt canvas uppers and exclusive Eminem branding on the heel and tongue. You can purchase a pair for $12,000.

Nike Air Dunks “Indulgences No. 5”

4. Nike Air Dunks “Indulgences No. 5”

These sneakers take the definition of indulgence to an entirely different level. Thought up by Kenneth Courtney with Nike in 2012, these sneakers are literally dipped in 24-karat gold. Only creating five pairs, these sneakers are very rare and if you can find them, can be purchased for around $6,000.

Nike Dunk SB High FLOM

5. Nike Dunk SB High FLOM

These sneakers are reportedly the rarest and most difficult to find. Created from a collaboration between Nike and Futura, only 24 pairs were created and given to friends and family. The FLOM stands for “for love or money.” It gets this moniker from all of the different nations’ currencies featured on the shoe along with the Nike logo. If you’re lucky enough to find a pair of these for sale, you’re looking at a price tag up to $10,000.

Air Yeezy 2 Red October

6. Air Yeezy 2 Red October

The most anticipated, and surprising, sneaker from a collaboration between Nike and Kanye West, the Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers are completely red from the soles to the uppers. Even the laces are red. The only color deviation exists on the aglets of the laces which are golden metallic. These shoes created a lot of buzz since they were released for sale after Kanye parted ways with Nike. Only 400 pairs were released for sale, so if you’re looking to buy a pair, you better have around $6,000 to spend.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

7. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

These were the first sneakers debuted by Adidas that were designed by Kanye West. They were released in 2015 with much anticipation. They are a high-top sneaker with a full suede upper, an adjustable midfoot strap, a full zipper that runs up the back heel, and a Boost cushioned sole. They retailed at $350, but if you’re looking to buy a pair now, you’ll need a cool $2,000.

Air Foamposite One "ParaNorman"

8. Air Foamposite One “ParaNorman”

Designed by Nike and Laika Studios for their “weird kids” contest in 2012, these sneakers were inspired by the Laika Studios movie “ParaNorman”. The heel glows a neon green with the phrase “weird wins” embroidered on the heels. The shell of the shoe is a glossy black with green flames and silver smoke. 80 pairs were auctioned with 70% of the proceeds being donated to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. A pair now will cost you $3,000.

Lebron 10 Premium "What the MVP"

9. Lebron 10 Premium “What the MVP”

Hailed as one of the rarest LeBron shoes to ever exist, these sneakers are designed to be a festival of colors, designs, and fabrics. These shoes borrow elements and colors from LeBron’s previous shoes which commemorate his athletic achievements. LeBron wore these shoes to the semifinals and accepted his MVP award in them. Superior design makes these shoes score the highest support grade and provides enhanced performance. Originally released in 2013, buying a pair now will cost over $2,500.

Jordan 2 Retro Eminem "I Am What I Am"

10. Jordan 2 Retro Eminem “I Am What I Am”

For our last entry on this list, Eminem and Nike break into the top 10 again. This time, we’re going back to 2008. To commemorate the release of Eminem’s book, he collaborated with Nike to create this exquisite pair of high-top Nikes. With a red, black, and gray color scheme, the canvas uppers sport lyrics from his song “The Way I am.” Only 313 pairs were created to coincide with the area code of Eminem’s hometown of Detroit (area code 313). Collecting this rare form of art will cost you around $3,000.

Final Say

Shoes have certainly come a long way from being simple protection for our feet. Mankind has transformed its need for footwear into a desire to immortalize the greatest artists and athletes of our time. This observation is only strengthened by the fact that the most expensive and rare of shoes are those that were designed by artists and athletes. When the worlds of music and sports collide with the world of foot apparel, it can be said that the collision produces the greatest combination of art, performance, and fashion.


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